About Us

Clients often ask where the name “The Social Media Loft” came from so I though I would give a brief overview of why this name was chosen for the business.

The main reason is really a personal one as the loft is literally where I started my first business some years ago. I had always wanted to run a business of my own and years ago I heard people were doing well selling used books on Amazon and decided that I would give it a go. I managed to buy a job lot of thousands of books for a couple of hundred pounds and my late father allowed me to use his loft as a makeshift warehouse and so as an affectionate honour to my late father’s generosity (and patience!) it seemed an appropriate name.

Another reason is that when I look at my own loft it seems to be storage place for the different things I need throughout the year, Christmas decorations, tools, luggage etc and Social Media can be a little bit like that, some we need all the time to be consistent and stay above the competitor and other things we need now and again as a “boost” for our business.

And above all I like to help local businesses with their social media and email marketing, business is competitive, and we must have our businesses in the forefront of customers minds having the edge over competitors. I enjoy helping local businesses by taking the burden of their social media management leaving them to run their day to day business.

We work with clients around the UK and the USA and such clients include Restaurants, Cafes, Salons, Dog Trainers, Personal Trainers, Gyms, Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Children’s play Centres, Activity Centres and many more and we are open to discuss how we can help any business in either the UK or the USA with our services.

Please check out our Social Media Services and Email Marketing Services and if you have any questions please fee free to contact us.

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